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Albert Melfi, Executive Vice President, DNB First, presents a check for $5,000 to the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum.  This donation is for the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program, in which DNB First is a participant.  The Pennsylvania Veterans Museum is an approved EITC Educational Improvement Organization, whose mission is to preserve, protect and promote the legacy of U.S. military veterans.
Shown (left to right):    Ed Buffman (Secretary, PA Veterans Museum), Albert Melfi (Exec. VP, DNB First), Arthur Burn (PA Veterans Museum), Jolene Buffman (Museum Administrator)


Shown (left to right):  Arthur Burn (PA Veterans Museum), Ed Buffman (PA Veterans Museum), Cy Yost (Post 926), Albert Melfi (DNB First), Jack McDermitt (Post 926), Jolene Buffman (PA Veterans Museum); Joe Henwood (Post 93), Don Johnson (Post 926), James Quigley (Post 93), Bob Dimond (Post 93).

American Legion Post 93, Media, PA presented a check for $1,000 donation to the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum.  Media Post 93 has a vested interest in the PA Veterans Museum.  Ten members of the Post are either Board members or volunteers.  Because of the continuing support of Post 93, they are displayed permanently on the Miuseum's Donor Board.  Shown from left to right are:  Ed Buffman (Secretary, PA Veterans Museum), James Quigley (Post 93), Bob Dimond (Post 93), Joe Henwood (Post 93), Arthur Burn (PA Veterans Museum), and Jolene Buffman (Museum Administrator).

American Legion Post 926, Aston, PA, has continually supported the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum in its mission to preserve, promote and protect the legacy of U.S. veterans.  Shown here at the PA Veterans Museum (left to right) are Cy Yost, Commander (Post 926), Don Jenkins (Post 926), Jolene Buffman (Museum Administrator), Jack McDermitt (Post 926), Arthur Burn (PA Vetetrans Museum) and Ed Buffman (Secretary, PA Veterans Museum).