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Stop in and see our new Vietnam Exhibit preview display. Hear stories from local vaterans of their war experiences in Vietnam.


The Pennsylvania Veterans Museum is dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting the legacy and dignity of all veterans of the U.S. military.

Our focus is to tell the stories of America’s conflicts through the eyes of those who served in them. We seek to tell the untold stories of our history, and to preserve the past so future generations can continue to learn from it.

We believe the experiences and first-hand accounts of our veterans are vital to educating and engaging today’s youth about America’s past and present conflicts. This is why we have created a series of educational films and lesson plans. They are available to PA schools and JROTC programs across the country for free, but we request a fee for shipping and handling. One film is $6.95, two films $8.95, three films $10.95, four films $12.95 and five films $14.95.  All out of state educators receive a discount, paying $12 per film.

We are gratified that we have captured the voices of many veterans from earlier conflicts who are no longer with us. We are also proud to have told such unheralded stories as the role women have played in conflicts throughout our history, the humanitarian efforts of our troops in Vietnam, and the heroic struggle of the Tuskegee airmen on and off the battlefield.

On Freedom's Wings: Bound For Glory
The legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen
Their Sacrifice, Our Freedom: WWII in Europe
Their Sacrifice, Our Freedom: WWII in the Pacific
The American Humanitarian Effort: Out-takes from Vietnam, The untold story of humanitarian efforts during and after the Vietnam War
Women in the Military: Willing • Able • Essential