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The primary goal of the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum is to educate the public about the experiences of U.S. Veterans and the sacrifices they made during times of war.  To this end, the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum develops and produces documentary films and lesson plans and makes them available to anyone interested in learning more about the American veteran experience.

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Women in the Military: Willing, Able, Essential

Since America's founding, women have been driven by patriotic zeal to serve their country.  From uncommon soldiers who disguised themselves to fight and nurses that faced horrific wounds and disease to those who proudly wear the uniform in battle zones today, women have contributed to our military might in ways unknown to most Americans.  This is their story. Read more>>


On Freedom’s Wings: Bound For Glory
The Legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen

Hear the personal tales of the first all-African American flying unit, along with the numerous obstacles they overcame while breaking military color barriers, debunking deeply held beliefs that Blacks could never become skilled fighter pilots, and making history in the skies over war-torn Europe. Read more>>

Their Sacrifice, Our Freedom: WWII in Europe

This film is an ambitious effort to not only track the important U.S. military campaigns in Europe, but to provide students with an historical backdrop to the events leading up to the war, going back to Germany’s humiliating defeat in World War I, the world-wide Great Depression and Germany’s efforts to rearm and expand its power and influence throughout Europe. Read more>>

Their Sacrifice, Our Freedom: WWII in the Pacific

This documentary covers the war in the Pacific, from eyewitness accounts of the attack on Pearl Harbor, to the Japanese surrender ceremonies aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. Read more>>



The American Humanitarian Effort: Out-takes from Vietnam
The untold story of humanitarian efforts during and after the Vietnam War

“Out-takes from Vietnam” traces the broad humanitarian efforts of military troops during and after the Vietnam War, including efforts that continue into the present day. Read more>>



We are continually adding new films and educational material to our offerings.  Please check back here frequently for updates.