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eScrip fundraising Program

Help Earn Cash for the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum - download the flyer

Just sign up for the eScrip fundraising program at It's easy to join and doesn't cost you anything. Here's how joining eScrip works:

Enroll. When you first enroll at, you register all your accepted grocery cards and credit/debit cards. A percentage of each purchase made using these cards at participating merchants is automatically donated to us. If you sign up for an eScrip Visa Card, up to 2% of each purchase is donated. Find participating merchants.

Dine. When you dine at participating restaurants, 2.5% of your bill is donated, 5% if you fill out the post-dine survey that's e-mailed to you. Participating restaurants include Valentino's, The Country Squire, Flanigan's, Poppi's Pizza and Burger King. Visit eScrip Dining Rewards program.

Shop Online. When you shop online, click on the Online Mall Logo at or download the AutoEARN program. Up to 16% of your bill is donated. Over 1000 online stores participate, including Amazon, eBay, Home Depot, Gap, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Staples and Toys R Us.

Recycle. Bring your old inkjet and laser/toner cartridges, cell phones, iPods and laptops to the museum during operating hours and drop them off at our gift shop. We get money for all the items we mail to eScrip.

Thanks for your help!

Any questions can be e-mailed to